Child Therapy Helps Evidence Based Treatments - In office or online!
Justin A. Naylor Psychology P.C.
19 Hopkins Amherst, NY 14221

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can I use Child Therapy Helps to address my child's/teen's issues?
A: If you are a resident of NYS or are in NYS at the time of your online session, then yes. Currently, Child Therapy Helps therapists are only licensed to practice to those within NY.  Additional providers in other states may be added in the near future.

Q: Is the appointment confidential?
A: Yes.  Your child's appointment is confidential and follows HIPAA guidelines and best-practice telemedicine guidelines.  The online session occurs through a secure website.  Additionally, emails and other correspondence are encrypted.  It is recommended that you access online care sessions from a private location.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The cost of therapy is based on 45 minute increments and are $95.00.  You will be prompted to set up a billing account through the American Well Online Care registration.

Q: Are sessions covered by insurance?
A: You are encouraged to consult your insurance plan regarding telemedicine benefits.  Many insurances are now providing coverage for this service or may reimburse telemedicine as an out of network benefit.

Q: Is online therapy effective for child and adolescent behavioral health/mental health issues?
A: Yes.  Research has documented equal effects for online therapy compared to in-person therapy. Additionally, there are several computer-based interventions that have demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment of behavioral issues in children and teens.

Q: When should I not use Child Therapy Helps?
A: Do not use Child Therapy Helps in emergency situations.  If you or your child is experiencing a psychiatric emergency, call 911 or call your local crisis hotline or go to an emergency room.